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Clover Hill Dairies is committed to a whole of industry long term vision to bring government, industry, community and the education sector together to present and promote Australian agriculture as the dynamic, innovative, rewarding and vibrant industry it can be.

We take every opportunity to share both the Clover Hill Dairies and Art4Agriculture story with the wider community to help bridge the gap between city consumers and rural producers by increasing knowledge and generating trust and understanding of modern farming.

We work with multiple industry partners including LandLearn NSW and the Primary Industries Education Foundation to lobby the Australian government to acknowledge the importance of, and commit to ensuring the next generation of consumers and policy makers are literate in   science and sustainable food and fibre production and consumption through education from K to 12.

We are particularly passionate about, and committed to the Young Farming Champions program. The legacy of this program will be an Australia wide network of young farmers sharing stories and building community understanding of modern farming practices.

Lynne is one of 34 farmers involved in the Climate Champions program who are advancing climate change knowledge to inspire other farmers to adapt and use resources wisely, reduce pollution and mitigate the impact on their business of climate change legislation. The Climate Champions are also engaging with scientists to ensure climate change research is delivered to farmers in a language they can understand and results they can use.

Equally, Lynne and her fellow Climate Champions recognise most farmers learn from other farmers and are motivated by seeing the science work in their own backyards. To facilitate this they are actively engaging with government to ensure funding for on farm extension is seen as high priority.

The Climate Champions program was runner up in the 2011 Eureka Prize for the Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge

Members of the Clover Hill Dairies team have recently appeared on ABC Big Ideas and at the Heywire Youth Summit, ABC Landline, radio and presented at numerous conferences.


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